Douglas Crawford

Originally from London and currently living in Denmark, Douglas Crawford has been practising the principles of 'Source Breathwork' (Rebirthing) and 'A Course in Miracles’ for over 20 years. Over the decades, he has helped transform the lives of hundreds in his workshops in the UK, Denmark, Portugal and South Africa. His greatest passion is to share with others the valuable principles he has learned that help us remove the blocks to love and remember our true essence.

A Course in Miracles
What is A Course in Miracles?
In the late 60’s, ‘A Course in Miracles’ (Et Kursus i Mirakler) was written down by Dr Helen Schucman, an American clinical psychologist, through a process of inner dictation from a voice she heard in her mind. This occurred after she came to a realisation that: ‘There has to be another way of relating to others - with love and peace instead of attack and judgement’. The major focus of the ‘Course’ is that we can heal relationships through forgiveness. However, in a form that is very different from the way we normally forgive.
The ‘Course’ is a system of mind training that leads to lasting inner peace. It is unique among world spiritualities in its integration of a non-dualistic metaphysics with a sophisticated psychology that describes the subtle complexities of the ego's (or false self's) thought system. It teaches that our fundamental problem is the belief that we have separated from our Creator, and in an attempt to escape the enormous guilt of this terrible sin we believe we’ve committed, we project the guilt onto others.
By changing our minds - having the memory of our true Self be our Teacher instead of our ego - we are able to forgive others for what we have projected onto them. Thus, is the guilt not only lifted from the other person, but is undone in our minds as well. And so, through our decision to forgive, we learn how to remember that we have never truly left our Creator and Source, and remain as He created us - one with Him and all creation.
The function of the ego is to keep us stuck in all our worldly problems, and make us mindless of the only real problem. The first step, therefore, in awakening from this dream, is to get back to that part of the mind, the ‘decision maker’, which is able to choose between the thought system of the ego and the memory of our true Self (only 2 choices). When we do, we become a witness to our dream instead of a victim of it. It is important to note that we need our daily life and our relationships (our classroom) to provide the opportunities to learn and practice everything the ‘Course’ teaches us!

Source Breathwork
'Source Breathwork' is a system for healing the negative decisions that we made at birth and during early childhood. These decisions are at the core of all human conflict. Source Breathwork is a powerful breathing process, based on the philosophy that thought is creative. Transformation occurs through the use of a simple, yet profound, connected breathing technique together with life enhancing thoughts and declarations. The process helps you release old, negative thought patterns and feelings and so gives you freedom to develop new ways of living, loving and connecting. 

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