Geoff Napier

Cygnus Cafe meetings. Ever wanted to talk about heart to heart matters, without dogmas and belief systems getting in the way? Since January 2015 about 80 local Cygnus Community Cafe groups have formed across the UK to do just that. It simly is not important whether you have beliefs or what religious background you have had. What is much more interesting is hearing what you have in your heart, today. Come along and explore living in the moment, with others, as a group or in intimate circles where everyone has a voice worth listening to. The Cygnus Community Review, funded by its supporters, keeps you up to date with the latest inspirational Books, DVDs and CDs

Cygnus Cafe
Come and participate at the daily Cygnus Community Cafe. Participate in Dogma free, heart to heart chats, where beliefs and are left gently at the door. Open your heart and feel what it is like to be part of compassionate conversations. There are more than 80 Cygnus Cafe groups across the UK, maybe you'll join one when you go home.

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