anne sheekey

We discovered Chinese tea in 2006 in the tea markets of China. Coming home we were so excited by the potential that soon after we opened a tea bar in Bristol. Offering coffee and cakes alongside the tea it soon became clear to us that we were in the wrong business! This wasn't an alternative leisure time drink, we had stumbled upon an ancient system of health care that treated mind, body and spirit. Seeing for ourselves the many positive effects it had on people's lives, we were inspired to share it with the world.

The Secret life of Teas
A journey into plant intelligence and how it can guide our personal evolution. Will include tea sampling
Please come and hear about the hidden wonders of Chinese tea, used for millennia in China as a spiritual practice. Experience a practical way to access its 'tea-chings' through a guided meditation and tasting. Learn about why it is the perfect tool for human self- exploration. We look forward to welcoming you.

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