Eugenie Arrowsmith

I am a performance artist who teaches singing, songwriting and poetry workshops. My experience in the creative arts began as a teenager when my first poem was published at 13, from thereI went onto sign to Virgin Records as a singer/songwriter working with Steve Hillage and a raft of genius musicians. This led me into the back end of the music industry as I realised it was next to impossible to be spontaneous commercial music. I started working with independent musicians and have worked with Banco De Gaia, Tom Middleton, Sarah Jane Morris and Jo Harman in various capacities . I realised that I wanted to teach and that being self expressed is the most important gift we can give ourselves, so I encourage people to really shine bright and share who they are through creativity.

Singing with your Soul - Your Voice Can Tell You So Much!
For some reason most people feel they have to be good to sing but actually we all have a voice and that voice is an important tool to really work out who we are. Their is something so powerful about opening your mouth and singing WITHOUT criticising yourself or judging. Lets explore lets see what we start to hear, lets affirm how precious and powerful it is to be heard. In this workshop I will teach you tongue twisters, how to move with sound, how to create songs and affirmations out of thin air with the melodies that are already inside you. We will sing together, we will create voice chains and we will move with our voices. Prepare to be amazed at yourself and what your voice can give you.

A Basic Guide for Independent Musicians - How to get yourself out their
Everyone has a song set in them I am convinced. Once you have those songs written the big question is, what do you do with them? Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your album on iTunes or what you need to do to get an agent. Or most importantly if you are going to do it yourself where do you actually start. Over the week I will take aspiring or established music makers through what I feel are the most important steps you can take to support your music and take it to a wider audience, guiding you on how to build your story from the ground up.

One World Choir of Joy
Lets sing some summer sunshine songs and create a seven song set that we can perform at the end of the week on masse. These will be sessions with lyric sheets and backing tracks and anyone at any level can get involved. From South Pacifics Happy Talk to Sunny by Marvin Gaye these sessions are all about bonding as a community and spreading some old fashioned good vibes. This is a chance to let go and see what it means to work together towards a simple objective and to express ourselves as The One World Choir of Joy

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