Michael Rossoff

Michael has been involved in macrobiotic and natural healing for 46 years. After studies with Michio Kushi and other teachers in the late 1960s and early ’70s, he returned to his home town in the Washington, D.C. area where he began a macrobiotic counseling practice along with teaching. A few years later, he traveled to England to study acupuncture with J.R. Worsley at the College of Chinese Acupuncture, at a time when oriental medicine schools were not yet established in the U.S. Along with his earlier college coursework in biology and anatomy he was able to add the benefits of studies in Chinese medicine to his macrobiotic practice. In the 1980s Michael published a macrobiotic magazine, MacroMuse, for 7 years.

In 1995 Michael moved from Maryland to North Carolina where he still enjoys his work with macrobiotics and acupuncture at his home office close to downtown Asheville. Currently he travels to the Washington, DC area four times a year, and frequently to England, and has taught and counseled in other cities in the U.S., in Europe and Israel in recent years. Additionally, he often works with clients both in the U.S. and abroad by phone and Skype.

Michael continues to pay close attention to new and evolving information and perception in the medical and health care fields. As a counselor, he is appreciated for his attentiveness and his ability to give clear and valuable explanations and meaningful feedback for his clients. His counseling sessions also provide detailed recommendations for foods as well as lifestyle changes and priorities. Depending on the situation and need, a session can reach to the subtle qualities of mind and spirit that can profoundly impact someone’s life.  He is also a gifted acupuncturist with the ability to effect deep and lasting changes.

See his website for more details at www.michaelrossoff.com.

Why Women Live Longer Than Men — and What Men Can Do About It!

On average, women in the U.S. live 5 to 8 years longer than men do. Why? What factors influence this difference? Scientists credit genetics, others say women are less aggressive and less conflict-prone than men, and others claim women take better care of themselves. Women’s longevity has deeper meanings than these reasons. This lecture will use an Oriental medicine perspective to explore the energetic differences between men and women and offer practical suggestions to help men narrow the longevity gap, including valuable self-care practices for any age. How do we select the most empowering changes and habits from a seemingly endless list of “good” things to do? For both prevention and improvement, personal choices give us the power to be in charge of our health. Even chronic conditions can respond surprising well if we recharge our health with diet and other common sense care.

Acupressure Power Points: 6 Most Powerful Points — Why, When & How& The Four Gates

Qi is the engine of life. All body, mind problems are rooted in some degree of qi energy imbalance or “stuckness.” This class will explain the basic nature of body energies based on ancient Chinese medicine’s meridian system. The 12 major meridians have a simple pattern of flow. You will learn 6 acu-points that are on the arms and legs, and how to properly massage them. Most importantly you will learn the effects of these points on physical and emotional well-being, when to use them for specific issues or symptoms and how to use them in daily self-care. Also, there is a simple set of acupressure points, called the Four Gates, that can move all of the qi throughout the body. This grand activation can stimulate greater self-healing throughout our body-mind-spirit realms. You will learn three sets of Four Gates from classical Chinese medicine. You will learn where these points are located, how to properly massage them and why they are so special.

The Healthy Heart: Western and Eastern Perspectives

Summer is the season for Heart in Chinese medicine, when Heart receives its greatest renewal for the year. However, summer is also the time when Heart is most vulnerable to injuries, especially due to excessive heat and excessive emotions. From the physiology of our four-chambered heart to our emotional associations with it, the heart is pivotal to our health. According to oriental medicine the heart not only pumps blood but also regulates and carries all emotions, and governs consciousness and sleep. The wellness of the circulatory system depends on the heart, but includes other organ functions. Further, a healthy heart is essential for true happiness, from spiritual calm to emotional enthusiasm. Topics will include: * Is cholesterol the main cause for heart disease? * Do statin drugs do more harm than good, and what are the alternatives? * What is the meaning of blood pressure from Oriental medicine perspective? * Which foods and herbs help strengthen the heart? * How to create emotional peace in any situation. * Acupressure points and one qigong exercise for strengthening the heart.

Healing from the Inside Out

The human body is a fully functional self-healing system. The key to this miracle is digestion — the process by which stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, and liver along with small and large intestines work together to transform food into blood. If any digestive organ fails to fulfill its role properly, major or minor sickness can result. Join Michael for a close look at how to keep digestion in top form, using both Western medicine’s viewpoint and Eastern medicine’s profound understanding of energy systems. You will learn to recognize trouble brewing along with subtle to important signs of improvement. Several acute symptoms and chronic problems, along with some causes and measures for correcting them will be discussed. You will learn how to apply the tools of yin/yang for analyzing symptoms and finding solutions. Discover foods that fortify or weaken specific organs; find out how different cooking methods, proportions and activities affect digestion. You can start to perk up digestion immediately and enhance your self-healing capabilities. Michael will include several helpful acupressure points.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Keeping Lungs Healthy

The importance of breathing is obvious, yet the dynamics of healthy lungs elude most people. Lung symptoms are among the first indicators that something is wrong in our bodies, whether the common cold, cough, phlegm, allergies or shortness of breath. Through the lens of Chinese medicine we will explore the importance of lungs to physical, emotional and spiritual health. Michael will explain the interdependence of lungs to kidneys, liver, large intestines and stomach. He will discuss ways to create stronger lungs, including beneficial foods and herbs. A few empowering qiqong exercise and acu-pressure points will be included in this lecture.

How to Love the Foods that Are Good For You

In recent years the words "natural foods" and "healthy foods" have been claimed by many a dietary approach — from the Cave Man diet to Raw Foods diets to the Macrobiotic diet, and further complicated by counting calories and worrying about gluten content or the glycemic index of various foods. With the simple tools of yin and yang you can gain insights into the energy natures of foods, along with an understanding of best choices for your personal needs. Come to this lecture to learn how to choose truly natural, nutritious foods with confidence. Michael will discuss setting simple priorities and boundaries for daily eating, and he will give you new perspectives on cravings, what they mean and how to respond, without indulging in extremes. You will see how snacks, treats and pleasure foods can help or harm your daily balance and how they serve emotional needs. Michael will provide you with a refreshing perspective on food so that you can feel better physically mentally and emotionally if you are ready to take the challenge of change.

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