Director, of, macrobiotico Institute of Spain 35 years of personal practice in conscious eating 25 years training therapists nutrition Macrobiotic nutrition consultant writer, radio host in a natural health spac interviewed regularly, in press, radio and television. director for 4 years televison program "Natural Health" VipassanA meditator. "Their main teacher, meditation cushion each day, the laboratory more importantly, the cusine of each day" The event more relevant "you" that you're reading me today!

Lympia Flower Ceremony
 We sit in a circle a tune into ourselves with our intentions. Slowly, very slowly we pull petals from the flowers (which have offered there lives to be part of the ceremony) and placing them into blessed and purified water. While we do that we will keep saying mindfully a word, which means. Medicine come. Flower medicine come.  We can concentrate on one chakra or all the chakra’s E.g. concentrating on the throat, so we will be intending on "what is said or unsaid" and asking for healing   This healing is for ourselves, forgiving ourselves if we feel we have hurt anyone/thing in any way, by saying or not saying what a person wants to hear or maybe we have said it in a wrong way. This could be written word too. It will also allow us to keep quiet, when/where we should and say words that are right to say; bringing happiness, helpful advice, and therefore trust, etc.  When all the petals are used, we will commence on the next part of this beautiful shamanic healing. One by one we put our hands into the water, scoop up some petals and bring the energy into a specific chakra, or each chakra.  Then we breathe the energy into us, then put our hands over our head and down our bodies bringing the energy into our Aura. Maximum size of group: 15-20, depends on the size of the vessel holding the water and how many people can sit around it.  Expected result or outcome for the participant’s: The meditation has an energy of its own, that brings a karmic, stillness and cleansing to the whole body.  The energy/magic of the flowers/plants is as always beautiful   Aims and objectives: Relaxation and peace 

Shamanic Prayer Intentions
Intentions are a very powerful way of wishing things to come true. This is a very old ceremony, which allows the wishes and dreams to travel by being blown on the wind to where it will create and be affective. In this ceremony we intend 8 hopes and dreams to become reality. 5 of these are Intentions for others, 3 for yourself. Maximum size of group: 15-20, Expected result or outcome for the participant’s: The Ceremony/meditation is deep and powerful as those taking part go deep within their intentions. A personal stillness, which can only come from positive intentions takes place   Aims and objectives: Intention taking place, relaxation and peace 

Hair/Wand/Staff Attachments
Angel DreamDreads are fun and attractive, used by all genders from 5 years upwards. They are made from wool, ribbons, feathers and charms., plus positive intensions woven in. They can be different sizes depending on what you intend to use them for: To match your hair length. To use as a tie when your hair up. To attach to a Wand; or to attach to a Staff. Children, under 11 years of age, must have an adult to accompany them Maximum size of group: 20, Expected result or outcome for the participant’s: fun, excitement of making something for yourself.   Aims and objectives: Making an awesome Angel DreamDread

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