Michael Mepsted

Michael has been trained under the direct guidance of a Realised Yogi, Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi (known as 'Babaji'). For several years he has spent months each year in India with Babaji deepening his spiritual practice. The Jangama Meditation group run classes and meditations every week, helping people to deepen their practice and understand the principles behind meditation

Jangama Meditation
By meditation we can regain control of our own minds. The mind is the powerhouse through which we can achieve so much, yet when out of control the mind causes stress, anxiousness and unhappiness. Meditation brings the mind under our own control, then we can experience the real peace and happiness that is our true nature. We can use the controlled and focussed mind much more effectively in all aspects of our life - dealing with people, work, art, study - whatever we want to use our minds to do. Jangama Meditation has been practised in India since ancient times and has been used to achieve the ultimate in spiritual practice - Realisation. Each session starts with a short talk on an aspect of the practice and the meditation method is explained. There is then a silent meditation, which is the main part of the session. The session ends with the opportunity to ask questions about meditation and spiritual practice. These sessions are suitable for anyone from beginner to experienced meditators.

Jangama Meditation
In each daily workshop there is the opportunity to learn this simple yet powerful technique and to practice it. The method is explained and some explanation given about the technology of meditation - how it works, how to make it more effective, how to overcome obstacles and how to live a spiritual ife in the world. Questions about meditation and spiritual practice are welcome at each workshop. These are designed to be of benefit to those who want to attend just one session or the whole series, in which different aspects are explored each day.

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