Massimo Kyo Di Nocera

Italian musician-composer, born the 3rd october 1974 in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples. As a musician he grew passing through many different kind of music, starting with classical music, experimenting with electronic music, reaching a point of softness and firmness thanks to the meditation, with his soft wave music. After a period spent on a process of personal introspection and growth, he created a brand new musical project called Music is Love. The sounds of Music is Love are a journey in the Mediterrean lands, that integrates ethnicities from this area with influences from all over the world; what could be called new-age and world-music, tinged with new popular songs, the songs of the peoples of the world, taking lessons from all cultures and respecting the common ideal of Love.

Chanting and Meditation

This MantraMeditation is a process that, through songs and awareness techniques, leads us to a deep relaxation and to a rediscovery of our harmony. During the MantraMeditation we will sing songs from different spiritual traditions that will help us in this relaxation; no musical training is required, we will work to release blockages. What happens during a first session of MantraMeditation? • “warm up and melting”: we'll intone all together the sound of the syllable Om, for a period of about 5-10 minutes; • Each participant will receive a copy of the lyrics so that we can read and sing them together. Most Mantras are quite popular and the melodies are easy to remember; • The Chanting will be prolonged for about an hour. At the end we will gather for a few minutes in silence with eyes closed, so that we can connect with our inner voice; • We will join hands with hands and conclude the session celebrating all together!

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