Sarah Samuel

My passion is in supporting individuals to release their innate creativity so that they can lead more empowered, fulfilled and happier lives. Based in Brighton, I work with organisations to help them understand the process of creativity and support their employees to be more creative. Management consultant, meditator, mother, potter, painter, homeopath, linguist..... yet I spent many years not even considering myself to be creative, much less an artist. About 6 years ago, I began taking pottery classes, followed by painting and a passion for colour. I realised that in order to be happy I need to be creative every day and that creativity is not just confined to art. The process and techniques involved in making art can be applied in all that we do.

Your Inner Creative Genius
Aimed at accessing the part of you that is infinitely creative, this workshop takes you on a journey into stillness, into your body, letting go of judgement, opening up to play and wonder and allowing your creative juices to flow. This is not just about artistic creativity, although clay and paint will be to hand if you feel the urge. Life is a blank canvas or a piece of clay with which there are infinite possibilities. Feel free to bring any intention or area where you would like inspiration in your life - a book idea, a new business, or simply how to create a more joyful life.

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