Phiya Kushi


Phiya Kushi seeks to co-create One Peaceful World in partnership with all who share a vision of living in harmony with the natural environment through macrobiotic principles and practices of health, freedom, self-responsibility, love, respect, and an endless gratitude and joy for life. He continues to build upon the work and legacy of his parents, Michio and Aveline Kushi, pioneers of the macrobiotic and organic foods movements.. His journey has led him to participate in the growing organic and natural foods movement, and the development of the macrobiotic movement worldwide. He continues to teach and travel, promoting individual and communal health and peace toward a final vision of One Peaceful World

Macrobiotics and the Kushi Family - A chronological journey of movement that helped to change the world.
An overview on the life and times of Michio and Aveline Kushi and their influence on the world, as told from inside the family. Q&A

New Healing Models For The Future - Taking Macrobiotic Healing To The Next Level
Lessons learned through the successes and failures of the healing approaches of the Kushi Institute and where to go next toward solving health problems in the future

Macrobiotic Communities as the next step toward One World: The Ionia Macrobiotic Community
Building healthy, happy macrobiotic communities was always part of Michio and Aveline’s dream of building One Peaceful. They were never able to physically manifest one but one group of families did in the remote wilderness in Alaska. This is an overview and introduction to the 40 year old Ionia Macrobiotic Community in Alaska. How and why it began and how it can develop grow to serve as a future model toward building healthy, happy communities.

What is “Macrobiotics”?
What is “macrobiotics” and why is it controversial, confusing and sometimes branded as a cult on the one hand and, on the other, an amazing panacea for many at other times? This is an in-depth look at Macrobiotics, how it came to be and what it is now and what it can offer for the future.

Understanding Macrobiotic Yin and Yang: An Interactive Workshop
Yin and yang are the foundational to macrobiotic philosophy. This workshop exposes how prevalent they are in our lives without our even being aware of it and once we do begin to recognize and understand them then just how we can use them to our benefit

The Path To One Peaceful World
An outline and practical guide for humanity to take in five easy steps to create One Peaceful World by building upon the groundwork established by previous macrobiotic leaders.

Your Health And The Purpose Of Life: The Essence Of Macrobiotics
This is an interactive practical workshop to explore specific health concerns in relation to your purpose in life and how to solve them to create lasting health, happiness and peace.

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