Ena and Gammadian

Gammadian Freeman and Ena Xena are the founders of Open Wing - a program for vitality, awareness and healing. Open Wing is committed to freedom of perception enabling creativity. Their workshops focus on inner states of silence and dream work. They are both body therapists, Being Energy® teachers, 500 HRS qualified Yoga instructors with Yoga Alliance, and international workshop leaders. Being Energy is a wellness program for self-discovery - a unique system for regaining vitality and health that incorporates the wisdom of the seers of ancient Mexico and new scientific findings related to consciousness.

Dreaming portal 2 consciousnes

Dreaming is the art of moving perception. For us that has to mean moving perception to where we aspire to be. There are many worlds that we can align ourselves with. This workshop will both show us the availability of other worlds and give us the tools to acquire them. The shamanic movements in this workshop, as thought by the apprentices of Carlos Castaneda (Being Energy) were discovered in dreaming, states of non-ordinary reality. By practising them we can enter into abstract states of being, that energize the body. This boost of energy can be felt as well-being, courage, daring & abandon.

Path With Heart

Using intent,sacred movements,visualisations, breath-work, recapitulation and rituals of the Toltec shamans, we will energise ourselves and take an authentic inventory of our lives. This world appears to us in a certain way because we tell ourselves it is that way. On ruthless examination of our thoughts and actions, we often find that so much of what we think and do is counter-productive to the life we’d dream to live. We will then assemble strategies to ruthlessly prune away any deadwood, so promoting the free flow of energetic growth: opening a space for new perspectives, new strategies, new purpose, new-found confidence and prowess. “All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. ... Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn't. One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you.” ? Carlos Castaneda

Quetzalcoatl - plumed serpent

‘'On the cosmic scale, the strength of a being is not measured by its physical capability, but by its capacity to manipulate awareness. It follows that if we are to take the next evolutionary step, it must be done by means of discipline, determination, and strategy.'' Carlos Castaneda Would you like to be healthier and more energetic? Would you like to see more abundance in your life, funded by work that you love to do? We would all answer yes to this, even if to a certain extent it is already true. Who would refuse more energy, better health and greater abundance? The law of attraction is really popular at the moment, people respond to the idea of attracting what they want. Yet they find it difficult to change their lives in a big way, despite accepting the philosophy. The key to the law of attraction is firstly energy and secondly knowing and consciously choosing your thoughts. The seers of ancient Mexico were experts on manifesting the life they wanted. They and their successors are known for their vitality and energy and their elegance in dealing with the world. To attain that energetic disposition and apply it to a full and rewarding life, has many elements. Fundamental to that process are the Energy Passes, short-cuts to transformation consisting of breath, posture and movement. Using their new vitality gained from the Passes they took an inventory to see how they created the life they were living and fine-tune it, using this knowledge to manifest a life they truly aspired to live. Gammadian and Ena have inherited their techniques for attracting a fulfilling lifestyle. In this workshop we will use the myth of Quetzalcoatl to transform our lives. The possibility of merging this being of the Earth with this being of the Sky and intending something inconceivable, is audacious. In a guided dreaming we will come fully alive to the possibilities inherent in this transformation into this mythical creature. In conjunction with the form, we will see through personal discovery where our energy is, how we can withdraw it and reapply it to live our dream that is mirrored in this myth of Quetzalcoatl. Join us on this magical journey. Lets make our dreams come true.

Yin Yoga

This is the practice of static stretching, asanas are held for long periods of time to increase flexibility. Static stretches allow time for tendons to lengthen and strengthen; this will increase the range of movement in your joints, decreasing your chances of injury. Yin is a very meditative style of yoga, promoting mindfulness, inner peace and exploration of the energy body.

Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama and Meditation is the perfect way to start your day full of energy and vitality. Pranayama is the yogic way of drawing prana or energy, through our breath, into the body and release toxins and emotional blocks.It is best done on an empty stomach so the morning is the perfect time for it. Meditation happens effortlessly following pranayama. Allowing the mind to take a back seat and enjoying the peace and wisdom of our inner seer is the art of meditation. It only happens naturally, like sleep. We will use some concentration methods to ease our flow into a meditative state. Gammadian has been meditating every day for over forty years. Together with Ena, they will teach you the best way to meditate even if you have never done it before. Science has proved the beneficial effects meditation has on our brain states, let's experience them together!

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