Martin Okoli

Lost and Found (for family) 'One person's trash is another person's treasure' Come along and enjoy adorning and decorating found objects with paint, markers, crayons and anything else that you can get your hands on.

Let Loose (for family) In this simple and powerful workshop, we provide the materials and a safe and welcoming space and all you have to do is experiment and create art. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Come and let loose!

The Playground (for 17+) As a Londoner, I am more than familiar with the sight of the rigid, inhibited and all-too serious adult soul. In this workshop, lets tap into the more playful side and enjoy a variety of games from childhood as we re-enter the playground.

No Words Needed (for 17+) Studying to be a play therapist has reminded me of how much we rely on verbal communication as adults. This is despite the endless ways that we as human beings can communicate with each other, one of those being music. In this workshop we will speak to this communication and explore why music's unquestionable ability to connect and nourish us.

Feeling Board? (for children) In my work for a domestic abuse charity, I am always struck by our inability as adults to communicate our feelings. Often we do not have the language to do this and it is not something that we are taught or even encouraged in many cases to think about, particularly for young boys (whose emotional capacity often gets limited to anger). In this workshop, I aim to break this trend by providing children with the space to talk about their feelings, connecting and empathising with each other in the process.

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