Roma Noriss

Roma Noriss

Roma is a parenting expert who loves to share her wisdom. Listening, connection, intimacy and community are some of the topics that light her up! She turned her own family around from desperation and isolation, especially dealing with a son with special needs, and in the journey gained a profound understanding of human connection and how to foster it. She writes, offers talks and workshops and is available for Skype consultations.

I have been working with birth for over 10 years, a NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor for 5 and now since 2014 expanded into Hand in Hand Parenting and I know this work comes down to the same thing. Listening. Connection. Intimacy. Community.

I turned my own family around from a desperate place where I was experiencing debilitating neuralgia and a sense of isolation in all my relationships, including with my children.

I was also trying to work out how best to help my firstborn, Zephyr, who has Special Needs showing up as intense aggression, anxiety, sensory processing and social difficulties. In doing so I gained a profound understanding of human connection and how to foster it.

I blog, write for JUNO Magazine, The Practicing Midwife and Huffington Post. I also run workshops across the UK for parents and birth professionals and speak at conferences. I offer talks, workshops and courses local to Bath and online (as well as teleseminars and webinars) and I consult by Skype.


Salvaging the warrior: the way of the gentle-man
Men are given a raw deal when it comes to being supported through the hurts that life throws at us. It is an oppression that men are cut off from their emotionality from a young age and this hurts both genders. Your voice deserves to be heard with full attention and respect. Full permission to be yourself. 

Tears and Tantrums
What is happening for children when they experience emotional moments and what is the best way to help them and prevent these outbursts happening at inopportune moments? Discover how to make sure your child feels really understood and how to navigate fraught times with confidence. (Parents/Babies in arms)

Setting Loving Limits With Children
Do you ever feel unclear around setting limits? When they are needed and how to set warm, effective limits that stop unworkable behaviour without squashing your child? The Hand in Hand Parenting approach to limit setting is one that will actually leave your children feeling MORE connected. (Parents/Babies in arms)

Playful Parenting
Learn how to diffuse tension, set limits and work on fears using play. You’ll get to remove obstacles to feeling playful and come away inspired with ideas for games to take back to your family.

Building Emotional Intelligence Through Listening
Learn to listen really well and watch all of your relationships flourish. Discover a daily or weekly practice that allows you to navigate your emotions without them overruling your judgement and decision making. Find out how to release past hurts so they no longer sit bubbling below the surface, ready to be triggered at inopportune moments. This practice will make you more resilient to triggers and give you greater capacity to hold intensity. (for all adults/young people)

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