Julie-Anne Shapiro

Julie-Anne Shapiro is an international Love and Relationship Expert, Speaker and Founder of Magnetizing Love. She has helped thousands of women around the world to attract the love of their lives. Julie-Anne used her teachings to attract her husband at the age of 41. Her inspiring personal story and warm engaging style never fail to leave her audiences wanting more. Leading with her radiant loving presence as well as her extensive knowledge and expertise, Julie-Anne works from the inside out to give women an embodied experience of lasting transformation as well as real-world actionable content that provide women with a new experience and new results. Julie-Anne is passionate about helping women to attract not just a relationship but an extraordinary relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Julie-Anne will be offering one-on-one Magnetizing Love: Love & Relationship Coaching Sessions at the festival this year.

Attract the Love of Your Life

During this uplifting and transformative workshop, Love-Expert Julie-Anne Shapiro teaches you how to prepare your mind, body, heart, confidence and environment to receive the relationship they relationship they desire and deserve. She’ll share her inspiring story and how she went from thinking love was impossible to marrying the love of her life. Julie-Anne shines the light on the barriers you may not even realize you have so that you attract a man who loves and cherishes you just for being you. She provides real-world actionable content and not just information, but transformation to change your love-life forever.

  • •Learn how to become irresistibly magnetic to the RIGHT partner
  • •Be finally free of the old patterns, struggles and disappointments
  • •Discover the power of radiance no matter what your age, size, shape or looks
  • •Stop wishing for love, get on a mission for love
  • •Attract a man who is totally lit up by you and can’t wait to commit ONLY to you

How to Speak and understand

  • This captivating and often humorous workshop shines the light on the differences between men and women and provides women with the golden keys to getting the best from a man.
  • •Learn how to approach and respond to a man in a whole new way that brings out the best in him
  • •Find out what makes a man want to commit and be with a woman forever
  • •Learn how to navigate conflicts and challenges quickly with ease
  • •Discover how to ask for what you need so that he can’t wait for give to you!

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