Kirsty Randle

A single mother of 3, Kirsty works professionally as a tarot reader as well as a minister. She is a trustee of Miracle Network, the London based charity dedicated to the teaching of ACIM in UK, and a regular contributor to "Miracle Worker", the magazine dedicated to Course in Miracles students.

Rev Kirsty is an Ordained minister for Pathways of Light, the spiritual college devoted to the teachings of A Course in Miracles. She teaches the course one to one and also runs groups and workshops. She qualified as an Occupational Psychologist and worked in Industry for many years before giving it up to follow her calling. Kirsty also trained for 4 years as a Person Centred Counsellor but felt strong guidance in her final year to pull out, realising that the core condition of "unconditional positive regard" for each client could not be truly met without radical self-enquiry.


Kirsty has been a student of ACIM for 10 years and has studied and practiced in the Buddhist and Sufi traditions extensively. She believes in a heart-centred approach to spirituality and considers the primary aim of the course is to put the student in touch with their inner-teacher, the source of love and wisdom which is always present in each person.

Introduction to A Course in Miracles
What is ACIM? How did it come into being? What does it teach us? What is its purpose?

Introduction to ACIM meditation
ACIM teaches specific methods of meditation which put us in touch with our inner guidance (Holy Spirit). This inner guidance is always there in the back of our minds but becoming aware of this presence requires quieting the mind and trusting enough to let it in.

The role of forgiveness in healing pain and suffering
ACIM teaches that forgiveness offers us everything we need. It involves a thought reversal, a shift in perception with Holy Spirit, which brings about miracles in our lives.

Receiving Christs Vision
We receive Christs vision as we allow our minds to be healed by Holy Spirit. To receive Christs vision we must be willing to remember loves oneness

Attracting nurturing personal relationships
During this workshop we will see how we have been in a deep trance-script of fear and separation. We will be looking at what trance scripts are and how they effect our relationships and our lives

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