Christopher Ollerton

I’m Christopher, a rapper, turned English teacher, and now bidding to continue my evolution into children’s author, with the release of my first children's story. A newcomer to the children's literature scene, although if MC Slack sounds familiar you probably liked UK Garage music, and were lucky enough to see me perform back in the day. Either that or you've got me confused with someone else! Bringing a mixture of rap, poetry, ninja training and origami paper folding, this is a bedtime story like never before.

The Ninja Who Was Afraid Of The Dark - story reading
Starting with some ninja training, observing the three main ninja disciplines. Silence, stillness, and balance. The audience will need to practice creeping silently, freezing in different action postions, and finally balancing,, (on one leg, with eyes closed etc) to master the art of ninja. 10 mins The book reading, broken up at a couple of points for further audience interaction. Asking questions about what is happening in the book at this point, recreating some of the action. 20 mins Finishing off with an origami workshop, where i will demonstrate how to fold a paper into the shape of the main character Babu the ninja. Audience members will then have the chance to replicate this, and potentially other characters if time allows. 15 mins

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