Dario Gerchi

Dario trained with Chinese master Zhixing Wang and has been teaching since 1998. Dario himself overcame severe physical disability by practising this ancient discipline.

Dario Gerchi started Macrobiotics in 1989 in an attempt to recover from leg injuries suffered in 1982, when orthodox medical treatment following a minor sports complaint left him in a wheelchair for many years. Macrobiotics was one of his major steps on the road to recovery, which included meditation, spiritual healing and Reiki, and culminated with his discovery of Qigong. After a few months' Hua Gong (a style of Qigong developed by masters Zhixing Wang and Zhendi Wu) practice, the improvement in his physical and energy aspects was dramatic and within two years he was able to climb 1800ft up a mountain and run all the way down again leaping from rock to rock with the agility of a tiger. Dario now leads Hua Gong classes and weekend workshops in Bristol, Bruton (Somerset), Croydon, Dulwich, Leeds and Milan (Italy) and retreats on the island of Krk (Croatia.)

Qi Gong (Chi Kung)
The art of Qigong originated in China several thousand years ago. Qi (or Ki) is the vital subtle energy that gives us life and connects us to the Universe. Gong means the practice of cultivating the Qi. The way of Qigong is to awaken and cultivate the Qi to prevent or conquer illness, to improve physical and mental health and to realise our inner potential, creativity and higher intelligence.

Qigong (Hua Gong style)
Qigong is a series of gentle movements and meditations, which promote vitality, good health and self-healing by allowing us to connect and stay in tune with our life force. Hua Gong is a form of Qigong well known for its healing power. It also enhances our creative expression and other practices like tai chi, acupuncture and shiatsu. 

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