Divya Kohli

Through a mindful practice of Yoga and Meditation that addresses the mind, body and spiritual layer of our being, Divya aims to help individuals develop a calm mind, stronger body and authentic connection to the self. The result is: feeling lighter, whole and more centred. In the long term, the effects are abiding strength, equanimity of mind and a desire to live life in a way that positively impacts society. Yin yoga is a meditative style of practice, mainly floor-based, where postures are held for minutes at a time in order to access and dismantle deep held tensions. A dedicated yoga practitioner for 17 years and teaching yoga and guided meditation in London for 11 years. As well as classes and workshops, Divya has taught on retreats around the UK, in Europe and in India.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga focuses on gentle yet deep release on the physical plane, while relaxing the mind and balancing the emotions. All yoga should be relaxing, but this is a particularly deep and profound practice. It’s an ideal practice to compliment an already dynamic yoga practice, though it’s accessible to everyone – regardless of previous yoga experience. Great for those days when you are feeling restless, stressed or hyper. Poses are largely floor based and are held for anything from 3 to 8 minutes. My Yin classes work to replenish the systems of the body and harmonize your energy. I also include meditative and philosophical components taken from the Classic Hatha tradition.

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