Angela Prange

Dear friends, dear participants, This year, once again, I will lead the kitchen at One World. A big job , an enormous responsibility and work but always an immense joy for me to provide excellent meals for a huge amount of people. It is very important for me , almost imperative, that despite the big quantities the quality of the food is good at every meal In the kitchen we still cut everything by hand , we throughly wash all our vegetables and grains, we are aware of every step during the preparation and cooking process because the final result depends on it. We will provide, as usual , the best organic dry ingredients and look for fresh seasonal vegetables when possible organic. I already started to work on the menus and here I can anticipate a few dishes. Start your evening meal with a smooth, refreshing: cream of zucchini and mint soup Or a nourishing Minestrone with fresh pesto At lunch time enjoy a clean vegan meal with :. Brown basmati rice pilaf with Chick pea coconut curry Or grab the alternative dish with Home made pizza with vegan cheese or real mozzarella and roasted vegetables Or veggie burgers and sweet potatoes chips finish with the ultimate vegan chocolate mousse A succulent vegan carrot cake Wake up in the morning and go for the best breakfast choice ever: Gluten free porridge with Roasted seeds Raisins Miso soup Selection of Sourdough breads Jams Savoury and sweet spreads Butter Home made granola Corn flakes Soya yougurt Rice milk Oat milk, soya milk And....also cow milk Fresh fruits Baked beans Veggie sausages Scrambled eggs Have a cup of tea of your choice or a good grain coffe

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