Rachel Mayatt

I am a mother, grandmother, artist, writer and student of archaeology, history and mythology. Over 25 years experience of running workshops, circles and groups. Working with earth spirituality and regression techniques and Reiki. Now living a simple life in Glastonbury, organising and teaching a circle in the Old Craft. Enjoying life in a beautiful and mystical part of the UK.

Dreams of the Past

Past Life regression workshops. Do you sometimes feel a sense of déjà vu? Feel like you’ve been somewhere before and that feeling of knowing what is coming just around the next corner? Many people believe they have been alive before and remember snippets of another life. Is it a dream? Imagination? Can it be of any use? This workshop will look at techniques to access these experiences. The challenge now is to live your life as who you are, but sometimes a look at who you used to be may unearth repetitive behaviour and may even help to understand current health and life experience.

The Shamanic Inner worlds

The Shaman journey into the inner realms to access their inner wisdom and receive guidance for themselves and others. Following the way of Wyrd, this workshop based on the Celtic and Anglo Saxon Shamanic traditions, will create a sacred space and honour the directions of spirit before we journey into the 3 worlds to meet your power animals, plants and spirit guides. Participants will find a blanket or shawl and cushion useful for floor work.

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