Benjamin Stubbs

Since Benjamin discovered the Law of Attraction he found the amount of information out there baffling. So decided to scrape away all of the fluff and get to the core foundations of it all and when he did this he saw the correlation between Mindfulness and getting the best out of life. He has gone on to write a book, magazine articles and has presented his own radio show on local radio talking about his passion – The Law of Attraction- and how people can use it to FEEL BETTER. He has run Meetups and Workshops in the North West and is planning to spread this simple philosophy far and wide.

Mindfulness & The Law of Attraction
Throughout the week Benjamin will be sharing with Mindfulness knowledge to help utilise the Law of Attraction to your advantage, but more importantly to help you help yourself to FEEL BETTER. To help you achieve the life of your Dreams, a HAPPY ONE, more simply. He invites anyone who really wants to make a difference in their lives to join him on this fun re-discovery of what they already knew...

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