Sheldon Rice

My classes will explore the various personality elements of the class participants based on their names and birthdays exclusively. These elements will include relationships, careers, talents, stresses, balanced and imbalanced energies, and more. Each participant will learn a great deal about themselves, and how to evaluate others for the characteristics presented in the class. There is no need to attend all the classes; much will be learned during each session, and the information can be applied immediately.

Sheldon embraced a macrobiotic lifestyle that helped him heal a serious illness in the late 1980s. An intense interest in numerology—determining the personality of a person at birth based on their name and birthday— during the past fifteen years has resulted in his authoring two books: Getting to Know You: A Numerology Textbook, based on the thousands of personal readings he has conducted; and, Personality and Numerology: The Collective Behavior of Peoples from 21 Countries, provides an understanding of the collective behavior characteristics of people from different countries, and their influence on their respective cultures. Sheldon and his wife Ginat live in Zichron Yaakov, a small town on Israel’s Meditteranean coast, where they have a center for macrobiotic studies, numerology, life coaching, and related services. Visit them at

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