Michael Richards

Michael Richards Tai Chi/ Chi Gung Teacher

Michael has a very practical approach to the mindfulness and meditation inherent in good Chi Gung. This has been learnt from enlightened masters and international teachers all through his adult life. His understanding and insights into the human spirit, have been developed from over 40 years of experiential learning, expert tuition and continuing practice.

He has  been learning and practicing Tai Chi and Chi Gung for nearly 30yrs and teaching for over 25yrs. He's had the privilege of being taught by some of the top Tai Chi masters in the world, which include Master John Ding, Master Dong Zen Chen and his son Alex Dong, Doctor Shen Hongxun and Master James Holland

His enjoyment and commitment is to pass on the wisdom and knowledge given to him by some of the highest exponents of this profound art.

He is a qualified teacher with a Degree in Leisure Management. He also holds a 2 year Tai Chi Professional teachers certificate, as well as qualifications in Physiology and Anatomy, Physical Therapy and Fitness Coaching.

Currently he teaches in South Hertfordshire and North London. He runs a Tai Chi Holiday Retreat in Corfu, Greece and regularly facilitates Tai Chi and Chi Gung workshops.

“He explains demonstrates and coaches well. He is also very patient and gives individual attention. He is very clear in explanations.  Michael has a nice way of teaching and treats you like a friend.”

Bruce Nixon MA (Oxon.) - Management Consultant. Author of “Making a Difference”

Chi Gung Classes 

During the Camp we will learn a set of Chi Gung movements called 'Shibashi'. We will use these as a foundation for learning basic principles of Chi Gung as well learning the more subtle aspects of this profound art.

 Shibashi is a gentle, beautiful and flowing Chi Gung exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing. The Conscious flowing movements with gentle breathing are a deliberate opening to the gateway of the present.


Connecting with your body and creating deliberate conscious and flowing movements will enhance the flow of healing chi in all your systems. The thrill of stillness in movement with others can be a life-changing experience.

Everyone will learn and refine three simple and powerful principles  

  1. How to focus your mind.
  2. How to use correct breathing.
  3. How to move in such a way so that you can generate energy.

 All are welcome. Beginners as well as those already familiar with Chi Gung.

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