Georgie Deyn

Georgie G Deyn is a healer, teacher, singer and channel of Love in its purest forms. She works with the Light and Sound of the Higher Realms including the Angelic Realm and that of the Divine Feminine Since 1999, Georgie has worked with groups and individuals of all ages to help them connect to their most Divine selves; healing and inspiring through meditation, music and movement as well as the messages she brings through from her angels and guides.

Angelic Harmony

Angelic Harmony Therapy™ helps to restore the perfect blueprint. By working with Angelic Harmony Therapy™, we are working on many levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic. During each group healing we ask for each level to be cleared, balanced and restored as each are equally important. Georgie uses intention and the pure vibration from the Creator, to help restore the original perfect blue print of your Soul. In these session’s you will have a chance to receive and learn to give. Sound and the use of voice is a very powerful way of achieving Well-Being. The Archangels in charge of this whole process are Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon. These two Archangels govern the Stellar Gateway and Earthstar respectively. Both of these Archangels once walked the earth as humans and have an understanding of what it is to be human and live an earthly life and therefore are important in the process of transformation. They are also assisted by the Seraphim and the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel , Chamuel Michael, Raphael, Zadkiel and Jophiel.

Please visit the website to register for free channelled messages and a downloadable Heart Chakra CD will be sent to you

Finding Inner Peace With Divine Feminine Awakening


Georgie uses her own music, and songs that she has especially written for use at her retreats and sessions. Her music is available online through her website and will soon be on Itunes

Allow yourself to find your own true divinity through a combination of meditation, movement, mantra & sound healing Look within and anchor the Divine Mother’s healing love and guidance, awaken your full spiritual potential. Acknowledge, accept and love who you are. Cleanse, clear and release blockages holding you back from moving forward. Fall in love with you voice, body, mind and spirit. Please bring a cushion, yoga mat or blanket if you have one.

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