Sally Phillips

Sally lives in Southampton, UK, and has been a practitioner in various healing modalities for several years. She also leads workshops and global healing transmissions. By raising our vibrations and connecting with our Higher Selves, we can access healing and guidance on our life paths. Two of the techniques Sally uses to do this are Reconnective Healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Reconnective Healing

You will experience for yourself the 'electric' feel of these high-frequency light and information downloads into your body. Receive the vibrational upgrades for yourself and practise on each other to explore their effects and potential. Post 2012, the frequencies which we can access are becoming faster and even more tangible. Open to anyone 12+

Quantum Healing Journey

The Quantum Journey is a type of guided meditation which Sally has created, inspired by QHHT as taught by Dolores Cannon. This is a beautiful vehicle to enter a higher-dimensional state of being and to explore your multi-dimensional aspects of Self. We can connect with our Higher Selves to receive guidance and information about our lives. Bring a mat and blanket for lying down, which is the best way to experience this.

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