Estelle Dooley

My name is Estelle Dooley I am a fully qualified Psychotherapist by day and qualified facilitator of Ecstatic Awakening Dance & Sound Baths in Liverpool & Nationally providing workshops and Events including Festivals. I Am facilitating at Glastonbury Festival Healing Fields this year and am excited to bring my events to One World Festival this August.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance
A fun powerful eyes closed Transformational process Ecstatic Awakening Dance Active Meditation based on proven Eastern Practices to: • Release Stress & Energize the Body • Clear stuck Emotions, Energy & Toxins we accumulate • Go beyond the chatter of "thinking mind" • Awaken an open-heart space of joy and bliss • Raise your Vibration & facilitate a deep "let-go" `Returning You to Optimum Health` There are 5 different stages to the Ecstatic Awakening Dance experience. 1. BODY WARM-UP 2. KUNDALINI SHAKE 3. ECSTATIC ENERGY DANCE 4.RELAXATION/LET GO 5. GROUNDING Ecstatic Awakening Dance is a time-tested powerful, fun, eyes closed transformational process that can re-connect us to a natural state of Ecstasy. For thousands of years various cultures have Danced in a Sacred way to access Higher states of Consciousness. Through repetitive Beats, Movement and Breath we nourish and revitalise on a cellular level, Releasing Endorphins (the feel good brain chemicals!) a vitality that is available when we surrender to the flow.

Solfeggio Sound Bath
Solfreggio Sound Bath Release Stress, Heal Emotional Blockages, Improve Mood & Wellbeing, Strengthens the Immune System, Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves Sleep, Increases Intuition, Raises Vibration, Balances the Chakras, With many more Health Benefits including DNA Repair. Sound Healing is an effective and proven ancient practise that uses Vibrational Sound to reduce stress, create a deep sense of inner peace & well being whilst promoting optimum health. Various forms of Sacred Sound Healing I use when facilitating groups include Tibetan bowls, Gongs, Shamanic Drumming, Tuning forks, & Crystal Bowls attuned to the Solfreggio frequencies the Chakras & the universal sound OM. The voice is also used and is a powerful instrument altering our brain wave patterns. If a person is out of balance (physically, mentally or emotionally), sound healing has been shown to reduce tension, boost the immune system, increase endorphin levels and regulate stress-related hormones, to name but a few health benefits. Join me for a powerful evening of Sacred Sound led by a qualified practitioner of Sound Therapy. You will be bathed in loving vibrations to release, balance and free you of any stress & tension. Rest, Relax Rejuvinate & be nurtured in a loving healing sacred soundscape.

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