Flora Ouattara

Flora Ouattara learnt macrobiotics in Paris, at CIMO. She is a macrobiotic teacher in Paris. Macrobiotics is not just about food, it is also a philosophy. The most important thing is to feel in harmony with Nature and Justice. You have to work on yourself, experiment and be your own master. Nobody can choose and decide for you except you. Flora Ouattara wants to share her experience with you. You will find out how to balance your food. Macrobiotics is easy to practice in daily life. You just have to follow a number of rules, and then you can follow your intuition.


Flora will offer you some meditation workshops introduced by a talk about why macrobiotics has helped her so much. Flora wants to share with you her experience from healthy food to meditation. You will find out how to balance your body with food and meditation. Healthy food and meditation has the same effect on your body : they make energy flow better and help the nervous system to go back to its natural balance.

We will practice meditation together and Flora will give you a sheet with a few tips about what macrobiotic food is and the main rules to follow.

If you want to receive a booklet with some cooking ideas, please come and give your email to Flora !

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