The One World Family Festival is a truly magical mid-summer event where humans of all shapes and sizes gather together for a week seeking education, like mindedness, love, super healthy macrobiotic foods and off the scale entertainment all in a unique atmosphere of rest and activity, fun and freedom, challenge and adventure.
One World presents over 400+ workshops and lectures throughout the week. Our teachers come from all over the world, and are dedicated and experienced in many therapies, natural movement and dance forms, exercise for physical and spiritual wellbeing, holistic health, arts, crafts and sports, as well as in specialist areas such a natural cookery.


You get to choose your own schedule from an extensive range of activities running from 7am to midnight. Choose to heal, be healed, rest or go for a walk, paint, dance, listen and learn or simply have a chat and a cuppa. In the evening, why not relax by the campfire and sing songs and or grab a drink or a tea and relax with a friend. In the main marquee there is live music every night from 8pm and you will find a constant variety of vibrant and interesting activities to choose from.
Each day we serve three meals made from the highest quality natural whole foods, organic wherever possible and beautifully prepared. We have several options including child friendly food prepared for younger taste buds. Alternatively you can choose our non catered option. Regarding accommodation, you can camp or sleep indoors in a variety of room specifications. With all these choices, the One World Festival gives you the chance to really relax into a natural lifestyle in your own way.

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